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My first memories of cooking, happened to be with my maternal grandma or as I used to call her Nagyi. Which means granny in Hungarian. I loved to be around the kitchen when she was preparing the chicken which had the head and the feet attached as it should. Not like now days. 🙁 But my favourite was her pancakes, which was filled with home made apricot jam or chocolate spread or cinnamon and sugar. The last one wasn’t my favourite back then.

However the big turn over in my cooking for myself and experimenting with flavours only happened during my time I was in university. Firstly, no one was cooking for me on a regular basis, as I was 2 hours away from home, secondly after a few weeks developed a strong dislike in powder soups and ready made “hardly looking like a spaghetti bolognese” dishes. Also helped that our next door neighbours in the hall of residence were girls. So we had our own special “Come dine with me” nights way before I knew it existed. Through out the years managed not to poison anyone, and received some promising feedback with the occasional “let’s try something else” comments.

The birth of this blog is down to one of my longboarder friend Jakub, whom happened to be coming around for dinners and drinks, and one night he just came up with the idea, when Kabi’s Kitchen was born.
And here I am, in the sunny UK writing down my favourite recipes, sourced from my family or from chefs and friends who aspired me along the way. As you’ll notice lots of my recipe is not mine. Therefore I give credit to the person whoever made the original recipe or link to the website where I got the idea from. I always trying to add my own little changes here and there, but sometimes better left it alone. In other hand all the photo is mine. So I’ll ask the same, if you would use it please do a back link to my website.

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I love making these lovely dishes. And I hope, yourself will go and try to make some of these as well.

Let’s Cooking…!

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