Omelette for Hungry Students

Just got home from work, and realised I have nothing in my fridge, which doesn’t happen too often. Luckily I always have some eggs on the shelf for this occasion. I had a couple of bacon stripes left over too, so I’d voted for omelette.

Cheap, quick and filling!

Student Omelette

Kabi’s Pancake Batter

If you want to make a real pancake instead of using those ready-made mixes, here’s your chance to impress your friends and family. Pick the relevant group. 🙂

I promise it will be a piece of  (pan)cake to make. You only need (preferably) a flat frying pan and flamboyant attitude for the flipping. If you dare!

Pancake Batter

Morning Rolls

Today I’ve completely run out of bread. Cold Sunday morning without carbs intake is just not good. I wanted something relatively quick and easy to make. My choice was the humble morning rolls.

Morning Rolls