Fisherman’s Lecsó

Finally I’ve got some locally produced early tomato and white capsicum (yellow pepper) which are the key ingredients for a good lecsó. In Hungary lecsó is a popular dish. Usually made with lard and bacon instead of oil. This recipe is a lighter version in calories. You can leave out the fish and the butter if you vegetarian, or vegan and replace the Worchester sauce with some chilli if you like it spicy.

Fisherman's Lecsó

Salmon Fillet Baked on a Sea Salt Bed

I’ve successfully overdosed  on chocolate and eggs during Easter weekend, but spared the bunny.

I was craving for a light and simple dish to cook. I’ve found some nice salmon fillet in the shop which suited perfectly for a quick and delicious Wednesday evening supper.

 Salmon Fillet Baked on Sea Salt Bed

Trout Fillet served on Risotto and Almond Sauce

This weekend I’ve payed a visit to my local butcher , where I always find some lovely cut of meat. Since my last visit the shop has been extended, and now they have a fish counter as well. That’s where I’ve found a nicely cut trout fillet from the local Test Valley. I just couldn’t leave it there.

 Trout Fillet served on Risotto and Almond Sauce