Kabi’s Ultimate Healthy Breakfast

On a nice sunny morning nothing beats this fresh fruit and yoghurt breakfast for me.

Kabi's Ultimate Healthy Breakfast

In a glass cup I’ve added the following ingredients; Let's cook it...

Gooseberry Soup

 Gooseberries slowly going out of season now, so I took the opportunity and got a box of fresh berries to make one of my favourite summer dish. Cold soup.

It might sounds weird, but this soup is a very refreshing dish for the hot summer days (I’m eagerly waiting for this to happen).

You can substitute the gooseberries with other type of fruits, for eg. cherry, plum.

 Gooseberry Soup

Baked Stuffed Eggs

Advancing towards Easter it’s appropriate make some dish according to the theme. No I will not cooking bunny. Instead bake some stuffed chicken eggs. This recipe is great as starter.

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