Pigeon breast with cherry-berry sauce, poppy seed crumble and sweet potato croquettes

In Winchester, UK we have every fortnight Sunday an excellent Farmers’ Market with local producers. Few weeks before I’ve spotted a decent game meat seller, which came handy when I’ve read this recipe. I’ve made it with croquettes instead of mash, and also left out the Thai basil.  Even so, with my friend we have managed to ate up all the  2 pair of breasts in one go with the croquettes.Pigeon Breast with CherryBerry sauce, poppy seed crumble and sweet potato croquettes

Lasagne al Forno Kabi

I haven’t had pasta dish for a long time now. My pasta machine must have felt neglected.

This is my take on of the classic Italian lasagne recipe. It’s easily feed 6 person which is a great dish to make if you need to feed a bunch of hungry friends.

Lasagne al Forno Kabi

Fisherman’s Lecsó

Finally I’ve got some locally produced early tomato and white capsicum (yellow pepper) which are the key ingredients for a good lecsó. In Hungary lecsó is a popular dish. Usually made with lard and bacon instead of oil. This recipe is a lighter version in calories. You can leave out the fish and the butter if you vegetarian, or vegan and replace the Worchester sauce with some chilli if you like it spicy.

Fisherman's Lecsó