PYO or Pick Your Own. This is one of the cheapest way to buy fresh and quality fruits and vegetables. Although it takes  a bit of effort as you have to harvest your own veggies and fruits, but the taste and the best pick is almost always guaranteed.

Strawberry, Rhubarb and Gooseberry

I’ve pursued my friends to go to a nearby farm (Pickwell Farm, Southampton) and pick some strawberry and gooseberry, as I want to make strawberry conserve (jam with high fruit content).  We’ve got a bit carried away and managed to pick about 6kg of strawberry.

Also got around a kilo of gooseberry and 2kg of  rhubarb.

Cooking is on big time this weekend and you can expect some new recipes coming soon made out of these freshly picked fruits.

Until then check out this strawberry mascarpone tart recipe.

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