Lunch at Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, Part II

Closing up to our dessert menu we had a special cheese plate to enjoy. For my and my friends surprise our beloved in-house baked breads were taken away, so we asked them for another round to make sure we have for the cheese plate. The plate only consisted with one type of cheese (second surprise). It was the Somerset Cardo cheese with peach, celery and grounded cumin. Cardo is a special cheese for two reason;Somerset goat's Cardo cheese, peach, cumin and celery

Firstly, it’s set by extract of cardoons or artichoke thistle, rather than by animal rennet (like parmesan cheese ), secondly the rind is washed by water rather than brine. The cheese with the cumin was beautifully taken to the sweeter taste of apricot which left the fruity, floral, but savoury taste on the palate. Delicately balanced flavours.

Ma Maison Pinot Noir 2010, Marlborough, NZHere it comes my favourite red wine of the day, the Ma Maison Pinot Noir 2010 from Martinborough, New Zealand.

On the nose leaves a distinct rhubarb and raspberry fragrant. And after the first sip is just heavenly! Raspberry, cherry with smoky long lasting flavours. I can’t remember a wine which gave me such an excitement to drink it. It’s a must have! I think it could have been the last wine on the list for the rest of the menu.

Apricot Almondine, caramel croustillant, almond milk creme glacée

The last two dishes were Apricot almondine, caramel croustillant with almond milk glaceé and a Manjari chocolate and raspberry

 crumble. Accompined by La Magendia de Lapeyre, Jurançon 2007.

La Magendia De Lapeyre, Jurançon 2007

The apricot’s sweetness was finely balanced with the silky almond milk glaceé. The sponge base oozing in the juice of apricot, and giving the crunch and the depth from the caramel croustillant topped with glazed  chopped almond. The sweet wine was nicely added its honey and exotic fruity taste.  And sadly we have reached our final course on the tasting menu with the Manjari chocolate and raspberry crumble.

Manjari chocolate and raspberry crumbleBeneath the perfectly round Manjari chocolate top, which was breaking with the sound of music, dusted with gold leaf for added luxury, was revealed the chocolate mousse with fresh  raspberries sitting on a chocolate crumble. You might think it was just too much even for a chocaholic, but the raspberry sorbet toned down the richness of the chocolate.

Canapée DessertsJust as we’ve finished our dessert the sun came out, we’ve retreated to enjoy the weather in the beautiful garden. Not taking chances to spare any changes, we had a couple of round of coffee with some canapeé style desserts, washed down with our personal choice of cognac or whisky, paired with Cuban cigar. The experience of Le Manoir was truly fantastic in a beautiful setting with excellent service.

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