Salmon Fillet Baked on a Sea Salt Bed

I’ve successfully overdosed  on chocolate and eggs during Easter weekend, but spared the bunny.

I was craving for a light and simple dish to cook. I’ve found some nice salmon fillet in the shop which suited perfectly for a quick and delicious Wednesday evening supper.

 Salmon Fillet Baked on Sea Salt Bed

Omelette for Hungry Students

Just got home from work, and realised I have nothing in my fridge, which doesn’t happen too often. Luckily I always have some eggs on the shelf for this occasion. I had a couple of bacon stripes left over too, so I’d voted for omelette.

Cheap, quick and filling!

Student Omelette

Trout Fillet served on Risotto and Almond Sauce

This weekend I’ve payed a visit to my local butcher , where I always find some lovely cut of meat. Since my last visit the shop has been extended, and now they have a fish counter as well. That’s where I’ve found a nicely cut trout fillet from the local Test Valley. I just couldn’t leave it there.

 Trout Fillet served on Risotto and Almond Sauce