Kabi’s Ultimate Healthy Breakfast

On a nice sunny morning nothing beats this fresh fruit and yoghurt breakfast for me.

Kabi's Ultimate Healthy Breakfast

In a glass cup I’ve added the following ingredients; Let's cook it...

Honey Macaroons (Mézes Puszedli)

I have a bit of trouble how should I call this in English, but I stick to the term of macaroon. Although it’s nothing like it. Or you can just simply call it puszedli (poosedly). But this would probably send you to a fit of  loud laughs.

It’s quite a popular dessert in Hungary during the Christmas/Easter period. Although we used to have it regardless of the occasion.  One thing you have to bare in mind, consume with care as contains a bit of calories.

Honey Macaroons

Lemon Curd

Long due this recipe. I’ve made this for my sable biscuit back in January. Although it contains raw eggs, it’s last in the fridge for weeks.
Lemon Curd