Almond and Orange Cake

When I made this cake on the second time, I have accidently left out the caster sugar from the mixture. I’ve thought, that’s it, ruined, but turned out to be lovely. Not so sweet, but sweet enough, thanks for the orange syrup. The original recipe -by Michel Roux Jr.-, contains 225g caster sugar.

Almond and Orange Cake

Sables Biscuits

This simple French biscuit has it all; Taste, texture. Topped with some homemade jam or lemon curd and it can be a great company for the afternoon tea.

Kabi’s Seeded Bread

I haven’t bought a bread from the shop in the last few months. Instead I’m baking once-twice a week for myself. This bread recipe is not the quickest, but it’s feed me for a few days. For this I’m using the Allinson flour products.

Kabi's Seeded Bread