Honey Macaroons (Mézes Puszedli)

I have a bit of trouble how should I call this in English, but I stick to the term of macaroon. Although it’s nothing like it. Or you can just simply call it puszedli (poosedly). But this would probably send you to a fit of  loud laughs.

It’s quite a popular dessert in Hungary during the Christmas/Easter period. Although we used to have it regardless of the occasion.  One thing you have to bare in mind, consume with care as contains a bit of calories.

Honey Macaroons

Simple Apple Cake

Summer is over, and we’re getting closer to winter day-by-day beyond recovery. This week I had to turn my heating on!


To tackle this, I’ve decided to bake an apple cake. There’s something magical about it when the scent of the cinnamon, apple and slowly caramelising sugar fills the warm air. Just sit back and enjoy the warm cake with a cuppa tea and a good book.

Simple Apple Cake

Braided Challah [Fonott Kalács]

Kalács or challah reminds me for my childhood. I used to eat this type of bread for breakfast spread with jam or honey. This version is not so sweet as we had it at home, but just as good. I’ve found this recipe on Youtube where also explains a simple braiding technique for it.

Braided Challah