Chicken Liver Pate with Port and Beetroot Jelly

Recently I went to London, and on the way home, I squeezed in a quick visit to Borough Market, where fresh meat, vegetables and other food and drink related commodities are in abundance.  As I was planning to make pate sometime, it was an obvious choice to take home some fresh chicken liver. It’s a bit messy, but very easy to make.

Chicken Liver Pate and Beetroot  Jelly



 For the Pate

2 Big Onions

2tbsp Goose Fat

1kg Chicken Liver

2tbsp Dried Thyme

2tbsp Brown Mustard Seeds

4 Cloves of Garlic

150ml Port

4large Hard Boiled Eggs

Pepper, Salt

 For the Beetroot Jelly

1 Beetroot (diced up)

2 leaves of gelatin

300ml Water

50ml Red Wine Vinegar

Melt the goose fat in a big pan on low heat. Chop the onions up finely and soften them slowly with the dried thyme. Put aside, and in the same pan, but on medium heat fry the livers until they browned evenly, but still pink in the middle.  Halfway through add the sliced garlic and the brown mustard seeds to the liver. Set aside the liver to cool, and still in the same pan add 100ml port and reduce it to half. At this point have a glass of port yourself!

Put the softened onions with the thyme, the livers, hard boiled eggs, and the reduced port in a food processor and blend them together. Season it as you go along. Also poor the rest of the port to the pate. Taste it and adjust the taste to your likes.

Let the pate to cool.

Meanwhile soak the gelatin leaves in cold water for 10 minutes. In simmering water soften the beetroot with the red wine vinegar. This will add a bit of punch to it. When the beetroot is softened, let it cool until it’s lukewarm, and stir in the gelatin leaves.

Put the pate into a rectangular dish and cover with the beetroot jelly. Put in the fridge for an hour or two to set.

Best served with toast and butter.

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