Orange Cheese Cake

When I first saw Michel Roux’s Pastry book at my friend’s house, my eyes caught on this recipe immediately. Few weeks later finally I got the excuse to make it for my dinner guest.

Orange Cheese Cake

Omelette for Hungry Students

Just got home from work, and realised I have nothing in my fridge, which doesn’t happen too often. Luckily I always have some eggs on the shelf for this occasion. I had a couple of bacon stripes left over too, so I’d voted for omelette.

Cheap, quick and filling!

Student Omelette

Kabi’s Pancake Batter

If you want to make a real pancake instead of using those ready-made mixes, here’s your chance to impress your friends and family. Pick the relevant group. 🙂

I promise it will be a piece of  (pan)cake to make. You only need (preferably) a flat frying pan and flamboyant attitude for the flipping. If you dare!

Pancake Batter